Tuesday, 28 February 2012

When the Wall Isn't Listening.

I have seven animal pictures arranged around a window frame behind my desk – three birds, two bears, a dog and a koala. The koala looks the most knowing, and so he’s the one I talk to.

‘What do you think, little friend,’ I ask, ‘what’s the best I can hope for?’

He hasn’t graced me with a reply yet; he’s a silent oracle so far. But one day, maybe. Could be he’s still thinking about the question.


Victoria said...

JJ, thank you for your comment over on my blog.

'The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff' sounds like exactly the sort of tv program I would love. But, to see it, I'll probably have to wait two years or more, that is if it's released over here at all. American tv is a complete wasteland.

I hope your back is feeling much better. I'll leave you with the motto of the Cherokees: Endeavor to persevere.

JJ Beazley said...

Brit TV is mostly a wasteland, too, these days, Victoria, but we do get the odd bit of high quality comedy and drama now and then. And I thought these things were released more or less simultaneously on both sides of the pond these days. It was an American woman who once put me onto a good Brit comedy sketch show that I hadn't noticed.

The back is coming and going. Nice motto. Thank you. I'll remember it. 'Cherokee' has such a noble ring to it, I think.