Monday, 27 February 2012

Being Not Right.

I’m in one of those high pressure moods at the moment – the sort in which the equilibrium is shot, and the need to relieve the pressure by talking about it paramount. Unfortunately, I can’t, largely because I haven’t come to terms with the various disturbances yet, and until I do, any attempt to rationalise the complex dynamics would come out looking like something the cat threw up. So I’ll just have to seethe for a while longer.

It would be unfair, though, not to mention that Helen met Sarah and Inca today. She was impressed by both – each in their own way, of course. And if you’ll excuse me sidetracking into personal territory for a moment:

(Hope that didn’t sound patronising, Sal. It certainly wasn’t meant to. And I changed my mind about the hat. I’ve decided it’s really rather splendid and suits you.)

So what else can I say except I might or might not be back later, depending on whether or not I stop wobbling!

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