Thursday, 23 February 2012

Two More Firsts.

As previously forecast, I went into Boots today seeking arnica gel and tiger balm. They had both, so I took advice. Arnica gel is better for bruises, I was told; sprained muscles respond better to tiger balm. So tiger balm got the nod. I now have tiger balm, which I’d never even heard of until three days ago. The staff in Boots impressed me; they were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful; I told them so; one of them smiled. And the irony is that the backache’s more or less gone anyway. Maybe it was afraid of tigers.


I had my lunch sitting outside at the garden table in the warm sunshine. First time this year. I’ve no doubt the dawn will prove to be false, as it usually does when we get a foretaste of spring in February, but it was good while it lasted. I didn’t even clean the pheasant crap off the table, which just goes to prove what a true nature boy I am. The view across the valley is getting its first hints of fuzziness as the new leaf buds begin to form.

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