Friday, 30 September 2011

The Winds of Fortune.

The cyber world is silent today. It’s as though everybody is looking the other way and ignoring me. No visits, no comments and no e-mails. Points go unaddressed and questions unanswered.

I’m coming to think that life functions according the flow of subtle energies over which our control is limited, and such control as we do have is exercisable in ways that are not generally recognised. The system seems to operate like the wind. Most days it’s within modest bounds, but some days it falls calm and on others it blows a gale. So today must be presumed to be one on which the communication energy, as it relates to me, is becalmed. Communication doldrums, no less.

The same seems to hold true for the flow of money. Sometime it pours out, sometimes it pours in, sometimes it achieves a sort of balance, and sometimes it stagnates.

There’s nothing new about this concept, of course. It’s a well established assertion of certain ancient philosophies – an understanding of the workings of perceived reality that modern science simply hasn’t got to grips with yet. Having been brought up in the age of such science, however, it’s new to me.

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