Friday, 23 September 2011

A Visit at Bed Time.

On my way to bed last night – post scotch and not quite 100% functional – I found myself having to sort out three freaky electric/electronic problems that all happened at the same time and were quite unconnected. It took half an hour. By the time I discovered the third, coincidence appeared unlikely.

I swear there was something around, either messing with the electrical vibes inadvertently, or maybe just being mischievous. I lay down gratefully at 3am, switched off the light and spoke nicely to them.

‘You’re welcome to be here, just no scary stuff. OK?’

I got no scary stuff.


Zz... said...

stop posting scary stuff! GRRRRR...yelp! lol

JJ Beazley said...

Sorry. I'm so used to this kind of thing that I tend to shrug it off. Helen used to get a bit creeped by the weird things that hang around me.