Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Retired... a word that frightens me. In a way, I suppose I ‘retired’ when I was thirty five. That was when I got off the standard employment treadmill and pledged never to get back on it. What we’re talking about here, though, is old age retirement. I dread the day when the local newspaper might feature another UFO sighting or something with the introduction ‘Jeff Beazley, who lives at Roston and is retired...’

No, no, no.

Retired says ‘old.’ Retired says ‘grey.’ Retired says ‘past it.’ Retired says ‘settled down.’ Retired says ‘on the last lap.’ Worst of all, retired says INVISIBLE.

I’m not there legally yet; but when I am, I hope I never accept it mentally.


Mei-shan Lin said...

IMO, retire can be lifetime rest, no burden of work. It depends. And if we have enough money for medication and funeral, that's set.

JJ Beazley said...

But I think there's work, and there's Work, Mei-shan. I agree the treadmill is a burden, but for me the main Work of life is the building of experience on the way to understanding. And that's why I hope I never allow myself to feel retired.