Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Still Here.

Right then, as far as I know it’s Wednesday afternoon, and as far as I know I’m not dead. Whether one can be absolutely sure of the fact I’m not qualified to judge, since I’ve completely forgotten what happened the last time I died. Or the time before that, or...

But I’ve been out in the car, I’ve done my grocery shopping, I’ve had a conversation with an old neighbour I bumped into, and I’ve paid in a cheque that I received from a picture library for the rights to use one of my photographs. Everything seemed real enough, so I think it likely that my human body is still functioning.

So it occurred to me when I left the supermarket that the world isn’t finished with me yet, nor I it. It seems there are still things to be done, lessons to be contemplated, and experiences to be added to the pile. And that message I made a post about did say:

There is one more to come yet. Stay ready.

I’m staying ready.

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