Sunday, 25 September 2011

Seeing the Real Sarah.

I thought I’d relate this seemingly insignificant little fact to counterbalance the entertaining fiction offered in Making the Most of Lines (see below.)

I was putting my wheelie bin out by the edge of the lane at twilight, when I saw the lights of two bikes approaching in the distance. How did I know who it was? I didn’t for certain, but some intuitive sense persuaded me to wait and see.

Up the road came Sarah from Mill Lane and another young woman. The other girl said ‘hello’ which I returned. Only then did the much vaunted Sarah glance in my direction and say ‘oh, hello.’ Then she rode on.

Maybe I should have combed my hair while I was waiting.  Maybe I should .......

Feel free to fill in the blank.


Maria Sondule said... widely and say "howdy!" in a southern accent? :)

JJ Beazley said...

I don't think Sarah is the Scarlet O'Hara type.