Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cow Therapy.

I’ve mentioned the farm pen at the end of Mill Lane which contains a dozen or so young cows. Whenever I walk that way, I always go over to them and scratch the ears and noses of those that will let me.

I was feeling a bit down when I went past there yesterday, and so, for once, I carried on walking. I’d got about twenty yards beyond the pen when I heard a number of cow’s voices raised in unison with a single moo. I turned around to see them all standing in a line, watching me over the framework. It seemed they were protesting at being ignored, so I went back and did my duty. And I felt better for it.


Mei-shan Lin said...

I want to 'like' this like I do on Facebook. They are cute. ^_^ This post got me good mood.

JJ Beazley said...

Thought you'd like this one, Mei-shan. It's all true. I've read that young cows do that when they've been separated from their mothers. Seems like I might have become a surrogate!