Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Being Driven by Sails.

A message from the Big P:

“Our worlds are not aligned at the moment, and won’t be for another month or so. May we speak then?”

How the hell should I know how my world will be aligned in a month or so’s time? I don’t even know how it will be aligned by six o’clock this evening. That’s part of my charm!

My patience tends to operate in one hour time slots, then I have to put more money in the ticket machine – that’s if I can find some loose change. And if the hold of a ship is empty it needs ballast, otherwise it’s likely to capsize when the sea gets heavy.

My meaning might or might not be obvious.

It seems there are two types of people. Some, like me, are built as sailing vessels. We’re subject to the vagaries of the wind and the mercy of the elements. All we can do is use skill and experience to control our course as best we can. The other type has a trusty steam turbine under the deck and a pair of working propellers.

I suspect I will look back one day and decide that being a sailing vessel was more fun.

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