Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tired Old JJ.

I wonder why somebody searched Google for ‘poor old jj.’ I realise I’m not the only jj in the world, but it still seems odd. Is it a known phrase, or something? Anyway, whoever it was landed on an old post of mine entitled ‘Poor Old JJ,’ and what they got for their pains was a little ditty about me not going to India. I hope it was worth the effort.

Right now, poor old JJ is a tired little guy. Not only was he woken at 3.45am with a fit of the horrors, he also had to get up rather earlier than usual. And JJ can get a bit cranky when he’s over-tired.

I remember refusing to take a bath when I was a little boy because I was tired. I remember being very belligerent about it. I remember my mother’s bemused expression at the ferocity of my refusal. And yet, you know what? I don’t remember whether I took the bath or not.

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