Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Three Animal Bits.

I read a news report today about a famous chimpanzee who supposedly starred in some of the early Tarzan films, and who has just died aged eighty. The announcement made reference to his personality traits, and claimed that he was ‘soothed by Christian music.’ This raises the obvious question of just what was meant by ‘Christian’ music, but let’s assume the obvious and ask the second question. Why did the writer of the announcement not use the more secular term ‘church music,’ or even the more general ‘sacred music?’

Could it be that he or she wanted to imply that there was something about the Christian connection that was instrumental in soothing the savage breast? That would be a little fanciful, I think. Could it go even further and be intending us think that the ape was a Christian? That would surely be beyond the bounds of credibility, though whether because or in spite of the chimpanzee’s high level of intelligence must be for the individual to decide.


There was another news report about a salt water crocodile at a marine reserve somewhere in Australia, which apparently took exception to the sound of an industrial sized lawnmower being used nearby. It climbed out of the water, grabbed the machine, and then dragged it back into the water to ‘drown’ it.

I know how it felt. I’ve felt the same way often. I even wonder how much a salt water crocodile would cost, and whether I could dig a pond big enough for it to live in.


The last and nicest: I saw a greetings card today with a picture of an animal on the front that looked just like Sarah. Had to get it for her as a New Year card, didn’t I?

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