Monday, 26 December 2011

Covert Surveillance and Gluttony.

The teddy bear was watching me again, but this time from a darkened room. I reckon that proves there’s something shadowy about his motives. Or he could have recently watched an old spy film or something and just be play acting. It’s hard to tell with teddy bears.


I’ve noticed that there are certain stretches on my walk where I get the strongest feeling of not being alone.


When I got back I wanted something to eat, so I looked round at the options – there are plenty to be had at the moment – and didn’t fancy any of them. That told me, as if I needed any reminding, that there’s a difference between wanting something to eat and being hungry. I have some sympathy with the view that one should only eat when hungry, and that the modern mania for stuffing mouths full of goodies just for the sake of it is a principle symptom of true decadence. In fact, I think it a major contributor to the warped sense of priorities currently proliferating in our culture.

Having said which, I have been known to fail in this respect myself occasionally. But not often.

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