Sunday, 25 December 2011

Conspiratorial Bears and Weird Weather.

It seemed I was being watched on my walk tonight. There was a teddy bear sitting in an uncurtained window, and it appeared to be looking outwards – at me. I wondered whether teddies might be able to communicate telepathically, and Berlioz had maybe asked his pal in Mill Lane to keep an eye on me. I did say Berlie suffers from anxiety problems, didn’t I? Or maybe the appearance of the teddie had a more nefarious purpose...

Teddies are all male, right? Or else they wouldn’t all be called teddy bears. There’d be tanya bears, and trudy bears, and theresa bears. So, that being demonstrated, where do new teddies come from?

I put my usual winter coat on when I went out. Long before I got back home I was sweltering. It’s unbelievably warm for a December night out there. This time last year we were under heavy snow and getting night temperatures as low as -20C.


I just had two squares of The Famous Grouse Truffle Bar, courtesy of Helen. Scrummy!. So was the double shot of Irish single malt whiskey I had while the dinner was cooking - also courtesy of H. I could get into this. But then I'd take it for granted... and I'd get fat... Best stay poor, it's healthier and probably better for the soul. 

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