Friday, 30 December 2011

Approaching 2012.

I have a real yen to ring in the New Year with company this year. Me being me, of course, it would have to be a rare and right sort of company. And since I’m generally more comfortable with one to one situations, it would have to be a lone individual. Where would I find such a rarity at such short notice?

I could offer hospitality in the form of scotch, rum, beer, mince pies and Christmas cake. I could offer a warm fire and a warm heart. And my neighbour is planning to be away so there would be no noise restrictions. We could giggle, guffaw and give vent to any manner of silliness. We might even sit in silence and exchange glances as Big Ben beats the bounds to another mile post along the conveyor belt.

I think the appropriate phrase is ‘hey, ho.’


girl-interrupted said...

I'd come. I'd come gladly, I'd have come gladly. It would have been much better than my shitty new years eve with the wrong sort of company pursuing trivial fun and talking nothing of merit. Just saying. I had the same things to offer (minus the warm fire, but its the peak of summer here) but none to offer to! Hope you don't mind the intrusion too much

JJ Beazley said...

I've heard those words - 'I would have' - so many times, I think I might ask that they be included on my gravestone (if I have one, which is unlikely.)

But, to the point: Good job you didn't, Jen. You know who might have woken up, don't you?

And I sympathise, up to a point.

And no, I don't mond the 'intrusion.'