Thursday, 29 December 2011

Breaking Down.

Blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground by my standards lately. That’s partly due to tiredness, and partly the usual mixture of frustrations, doubts, unanswerable questions, large measures of self-reproach, and all these bloody holes that keep opening up in my view of the human landscape!

So I’m vegetating. Becoming compost.

And, on top of that, Ashbourne provided no inspiration today. Ashbourne was drab. There was one strange woman in the supermarket who had a funny walk and was talking to herself in a foreign accent, but I think I would be guilty of mocking the afflicted if I made her the object of levity. (The next sentence got deleted.)

And, on top of that, something is bothering and bothering and bothering me.

I hate the way modern society treats women. It isn’t the way men or the law treat women as such; that, at least, has improved somewhat since the days of the suffragettes. It’s bigger than that. It’s the way in which society at large shows flagrant disrespect for the sanctity of the feminine principle. And I can’t decide whether it bothers me more or less that the vast majority of women in the modern world show the same disrespect. To my mind (assuming I have one,) it’s one of the ways in which we’re sinking into the mire of mindless, materialistic mediocrity. And, obviously, there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that.

Never mind. It won’t be too long before I’m ready to be spread on the garden, and then the world can do what it wants. Until I return and take over, that is. Then things are going to be different. Avalon will rise again out of the mists.

Shutting up now.

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