Sunday, 31 May 2015

Turning the Interview and Crabbiness.

Do you think that spending so much time alone has caused you to see things differently than you used to?


More or less realistically, would you say?

Before I can answer that you’ll have to define ‘real.’

Well, as normally perceived.

Do you hear that hum?


Thought not.

*  *  *

I’m crabby today. I just wrote to the priestess to give vent to a persistent ache that creeps in occasionally and unsettles the psyche. Aches make you crabby. And then there’s the forecast of severe gales over Monday night and Tuesday, which makes me worry about the trees because trees are more vulnerable to strong wind when they’re in full leaf. Trees matter to me, and worry is something else that makes you crabby. There’s more, but now I have a routine job to do. Excuse the self-indulgence.

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