Monday, 25 May 2015

Remarking the Unsavoury.

No posts today; the communication juices just haven’t been flowing. But having said that…

Isn’t ‘juices’ a disgusting word? ‘Juice’ is fine, but make it plural and it becomes the ultimate in unsavoury. It hints at something which shouldn't be let out, something viscous and smelly.

The first stage in the embalming process was to drain the abdominal juices.

Grossville. I made that up, but they always say something of similarly disgusting ilk. It’s on a par with:

They sucked the brains out through the nose.

(And I didn’t make that one up. I heard it in a documentary once, and Téa Leone said it in a film I watched recently. She was playing an Egyptologist, so it must be right.)

Sucked!? You mean somebody actually stuck a straw up a dead man’s nose and sucked his brains out? I hope those ancient Egyptians were smart enough to have invented some sort of atmospheric pump, because the alternative is more than enough to put you well off ancient Egyptians. I expect they did. They seem to have been a pretty smart bunch.

Tell you what, though. You know the Eskimos have fifty words for snow? I’ll bet the ancient Egyptians had at least fifty words for juices.

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