Saturday, 23 May 2015

Another Fairytale of New York.

I watched a film tonight called Ghost Town, in which an obnoxious Englishman in New York starts seeing ghosts who all need his help. Not being a people person – and especially not a deceased people person – this is very irksome to him and his life becomes intolerably complicated.

I’m not sure whether I can recommend it because it’s a film in two halves. The first half is both original and very funny, but the second half does tend to dissolve into routine sentiment. Still, it ends happily as all stories should, and I can’t deny having enjoyed it even though the obnoxious Englishman reminded me of me to an uncomfortable degree. (Damn this rhyming mind.) It owes a big nod to A Christmas Carol.

Favourite and Familiar Line:

'I don't have a problem with crowds. It's the people in the crowds I have a problem with.'

Spoiler Alert:

The Englishman gets the girl (well, woman.) That settles it.

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