Monday, 1 April 2013

Lunchtime Notes.

There’s no sign of spring yet. The ground remains unworkable, and since the temperature continues to full significantly below freezing every night, there wouldn’t be much point trying to do much with it anyway. And the cold east wind that so readily invades my house is due to strengthen again through this week.

*  *  *

Blogger has started messing with the formatting of posts, mostly inserting spaces where there shouldn’t be any. So if mine look a mess, don’t blame me.

*  *  *

The cock pheasant which lives in the field opposite my house continues to try and eat all the food I put out for the garden birds. He’s most persistent when I try to chase him away, and even gets belligerent with me. This morning, for once, he gave up and walked back across the lane. And do you know what? I felt sorry for him. That’s always been my problem: all you have to do to get whatever you want out of me is look sad. Such a weakness augurs badly for success in life.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it necessarily means weakness. Feeling isn't weakness, contrary to what society teaches. Letting others use this to their advantage, however... you've just got to have a good nose to detect bullshit.

And a tip: pheasants never bullshit. Oh no, they don't.

JJ Beazley said...

People have occasionally been surprised when I've detected bullshit and turned fierce on them, and I'm becoming quite the expert on pheasants.