Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Entrusting a Tooth to a Transylvanian.

I called in at the dentist when I went to Ashbourne today, to see what they could offer by way of service to a broken tooth. My regular, albeit newly appointed, Greek dentist was busy, so I got placed under the maternal wing of Miss Medeea. Remember Medeea, the woman dentist from Transylvania who got a mention on this blog about a year ago? (And whose name I incorrectly spelt the Greek way, by an odd coincidence.) She was between patients and agreed to take a look.

She was good. She explained what condition it was in, why she couldn’t smooth off the rough edges, and what would be needed to put it right. And then I was booked in for a half hour appointment, which indicates that she’s going to take a bit of trouble to do a decent job. She inspired my confidence. She did. And my confidence is not easily inspired, you know. It isn’t.

Only one little glitch. Try saying ‘Hello, Medeea,’ and see what it sounds like. And I saw from the name plate on her surgery door that her surname is Popei. I didn’t have the heart to ask how it’s pronounced. I could feel a 'Release Brian' moment coming on.

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