Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Consciously Untitled.

I thought of packing the blog in today. I thought of explaining my reasons with a long and detailed swan song. Then I thought of explaining them with a greatly truncated swan song. Then I decided I didn’t want to after all. Sometimes people just disappoint me, you know? It’s probably more my fault than theirs, and I’m sure I’ve disappointed plenty of people myself in my time.

My shopping today consisted of chocolate biscuits, coffee, paint, porridge oats and porter. I deem it a good day when my shopping not only sums me up, but is even alliterative. The proper shop is tomorrow.

And tonight I decided to be adventurous and take a different route on the walk. I disturbed a surprising number of pheasants roosting in trees, poor things. No doubt they are unused to having a dubious human reprobate creeping furtively around their environment in the dark, intent upon all manner of unspeakable malefactions. It’s a good job they have no use for windows, isn’t it?

Now I think I’m being guilty of a sort of passive aggression. Well, why not?


Anonymous said...

I'd be disappointed were you to pack in the blog. You can't worry about people, especially the ones who seem to only want to ruffle your feathers.

The passive aggressive remark made me chuckle a little.

JJ Beazley said...

It wasn't so much about having my feathers ruffled, Sara. That happens sometimes. It was more about questioning the reason for blogging - what it's purpose is and whether it's fulfilling that purpose. It's that old process of being aware of the point you're at on your personal road, and musing on the life that brought you there. Too big.

I'd be disappointed if you stopped visiting.

Anonymous said...

Too big, indeed. I also sometimes question why I blog and feel compelled to just stop, but... then I remember that I enjoy the connection it affords me with others. When I find thoughts getting to big to fit in the expanse between my ears, I'll try to simplify. Do I like doing this? Yes. So I'll continue.

I don't forsee that, so no worries.

JJ Beazley said...

Pretty much the same process with me, although I sometimes wonder whether the blogging habit holds too big a place in my life. That, in itself, is part of yet another big issue.