Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Precariat and Proud.

I watched an extended news report on the class system referred to in the previous post. It explained that the criteria used for defining class fall into three categories:

1) How much money a person has.

2) The ‘quality’ of a person’s cultural activities.

3) The ‘quality’ and quantity of their friends.

‘Quality’ is, of course, defined according to traditionally conditioned notions that the system then seeks to reinforce. (People who have professional friends, for example, score higher than those whose friends are bus drivers.) In other words, it’s essentially incestuous.

Shouldn’t we be getting beyond this by now? Do we need to reinforce traditionally conditioned notions of quality? Do we need to categorise people into classes in order to judge them, because that’s what this is all about in the final analysis?

At the end of the report, all I could say was ‘What a complete load of utter b****cks!’

I’m happy to say, however, that the report confirmed my status as one of the Precariat. I think I might have a tee shirt printed along the lines of the post title, then everyone can be in no doubt that I belong to the lowest form of human life.

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