Saturday, 6 June 2015

Wee'uns and Big'uns.

I thought of downloading and posting one of today’s ‘special photos’ of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but my mother always told me never to mock the afflicted. Besides, I’ve seen one of them and the term ‘special’ needs to be interpreted in a somewhat liberal light.

So here I am, yet again, scratching my head and wondering why the hell most people are so interested in the things most people seem to be interested in.

And on that note, I might just mention that today is my dad’s birthday, although he’s no longer treading terra firma and counting the passing years. According to my mother, only two things ever interested him enough to get him out of the armchair and ready for action – driving and attractive women. It occasionally occurs to me to wonder whether, had we not become estranged after my mother re-married when I was six and my stepfather forbade contact with him, and given the two things which most attracted his attention, he would have understood me.

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