Sunday, 21 June 2015

Meetings and Midsummer.

I went through the wood again today and Heidi wasn’t there, so that proves it: she definitely stepped out of a fairytale and has now stepped back into the book. Either that or the wolf got her.

*  *  *

You know, I have a problem with 21st June. I’m uneasy with the fact that we deem it the start of summer, but also afford it the title Midsummer’s Day. I can see how the two notions came into being from different conceptual roots, and yet it still seems irrational.

And the seasons themselves haven’t been very rational so far, either. Every time we think spring and summer are getting underway with a day or two of moderately high temperatures, the chill wind returns for a longer spell to sneer at us. It also seems irrational that the days will now start shortening again in the long slide to Christmas. Not very well organised, is it?

*  *  *

I had my solstice fire this evening. I wonder whether there’s any chance of ill meeting the odd goddess in the course of a Midsummer Night’s dream. Maybe I should go for a walk through the wood at midnight and hope the wolf is sleeping off his meal.

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