Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Mr Blandings Shows.

It isn’t only the endless tedium of TV cookery shows that leave me gasping for a semblance of sense, I feel the same way about those couple-seeking-their-dream-house-and-making-it-really-nice shows, too.

90% of the population of Britain lives in a small suburban detached, a small suburban semi, a small inner city terraced, or some kind of flat not too far from a kebab house, and they’re never going to live anywhere else. They have three piece suites, fitted kitchens, and built in wardrobes if they’re counted among the lucky few. That’s about it. Dreams are fine as far as they go, but only the small minority at the top end of the pecking order have a cat in hell’s chance of buying and renovating a disused windmill in Portugal or a 17th century farmhouse complete with an orchard and 30 acres of land overlooking Derwentwater. Why do the rest bother wearing out their precious three piece suites watching this stuff?

It’s why I was pleased to find this on YouTube. Apparently, I’m not alone.

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