Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A British Preoccupation.

The airflow currently drifting apologetically down the length and breadth of Britain is coming by way of Svalbard. Unfortunately, it hasn’t seen fit to at least bring the aurora along with it by way of compensation.

We’re forecast a frost tonight, and this is June. Last winter was a very mild one which occasioned only a small number of frosty nights, and so tonight is colder than most of the nights during December, January and February. That seems a bit silly to me.

We talk about the weather a lot in Britain. Now you know why.

I remember that terribly wet summer of 2012, when there were floods all over the place and farmers were losing their hay crops. I was clearing the access to the drains in the lane one day when a man in a car stopped and said with great indignation:

‘If this was snow we wouldn’t be able to bloody move!’

We can stray slightly into the irrational, too, when the weather gets mentioned.

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