Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Carrying on the Family Tradition.

You know, I really must find out more about Jeb Bush because, let’s face it Yankee pals, the GW Bush years didn’t exactly enhance America’s reputation in the world, did they? There was all that stuff about the ‘lost’ Florida ballot papers for a start:

(‘But I thought vote-rigging only happened in backward countries.’ ‘It does. Seems like America must be a backward country.’)


And then there were all those delightfully inept things he made a habit of saying, and which kept us falling off our seats every time one was shown on Have I Got News for You? His countenance was always so clownish, especially when he was trying to look serious. I remember remarking at the time that ‘This guy would have trouble running a burger bar, let alone a country.’ And as for calling your dog Miss Beazley…

(Oh no, forget that one. Miss Beazley is an excellent name for a dog. It’s just a pity she was GW’s dog.)

But anyway, I gather brother Jeb is all ready and willing to lead America, and he’s going to set it right.

(‘But what’s wrong with America that a Republican sitting in an oil barrel could hope to solve?’ ‘Dunno. Hide the poor folks down below?’)

I must do a bit of research on Jeb – judge him on his mettle and not his family connections. I still have to say, though, that I think America needs a different political system even more than we Brits do.

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