Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hedgehog Day.

Remember the big hedgehog I saw in my garden the other night? I saw him again yesterday evening. He was standing at the side of my shed when I went out at twilight to sort the bird feed. He stood stock still and watched me for a while, until I said ‘Hello, my friend,’ and then he turned around slowly and walked the other way.

‘Ugh. Humans. Don’t like ’em.’

Quite right. Sensible hedgehog.

But I keep saying ‘he,’ don’t I? It’s so big that I just assumed… Now I think I’m probably wrong, because this evening there were two baby hedgehogs in the same place. They didn't walk away, they just turned to face one another and tucked their heads out of sight. Maybe they were toddling around independent of mama for the first time, or maybe they just wanted to make the poor old human’s day.

In any event, it seems my garden is now playing host to both the biggest and smallest hedgehogs I’ve ever seen. That has to be some sort of first.

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