Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Plea to Nippon.

I was big on this song when my wife introduced me to the album, and then found it again the other day when I was looking for a change of music for the car. So I searched YouTube for a good video...

Nope. They're all crap and this is one of the worst. KG must surely have been on something at the time.

Given the subject matter, you'd think this would be prime material for a decent video, wouldn't you? 'She rose up out of nowhere and her hair was full of steam.' That's reasonably creepy. Any Japanese film makers fancy a challenge? The Japanese are pretty good at creepy.

And what a pity you can't stick your head out the window or throw yourself from a speeding train any more. The windows are too small and the doors are all electric. The bastards have taken all the romance out of rail travel.

(And I have to be honest and admit that this is copied from my YouTube comment. Well, it seemed worth it at the time.)

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