Monday, 1 June 2015

A Weather Note.

The gale force wind and rain arrived dead on cue. ‘7pm to around midnight,’ said the weather forecast, and the show started at just about 7pm. Whether the duration proves to be accurate remains to be seen (or rather heard.)

Rain clattering against the window glass and wind roaring in the chimney disturb me a little, but not quite as much as having to don an extra layer of woolly clothing because the house is draughty and consequently rather colder than it ought to be in June.

And I’m especially concerned about the bats. I don’t see how they can possibly have obtained any breakfast this evening, but maybe they’ll get an early lunch if the weather forecast is right for a change. Spring is supposed to be resuming its fitful course on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I seem to suffering from low blood sugar. I do occasionally. It's an unpleasant sensation which evokes that famous line:

'It's all up for me and I don't wanna weigh ya down, Jake. You and the boys leave me here and make your getaway while I hold 'em off.'

Hero at last.

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