Thursday, 2 July 2015

Warning: Major Whinge.

OK, this isn't funny. I'm a simple, organised sort of soul who always puts things back in the place where they belong. Everything has its place, and that includes the time of day to which consumables belong. Hence, fruit belongs to the afternoon; beer is an evening and night time companion. So how do you think I felt when I took my first sip of tonight's premium beer (Badger's Golden Glory) and discovered that it tasted of peaches?

Miffed. I could have bought twice as much peach juice for around the same price and drunk it on a warm July afternoon while listening to birds singing merry roundelays. It's now around 1am, and 1am is not a proper time for the taste of peaches. The fact that it's alcoholic to the tune of 4.5%ABV is scant consolation.

So now I'm grumpy, and I have to go talk to an American woman who wants to know what English women are like. Maybe I should wait until I've obliterated the taste of peaches with a glass or two of decent scotch. Decision time approaches.

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