Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Being Made in God's Image.

Having mentioned in a previous post my sense of bemusement at what is and isn’t acceptable in Britain, I thought I’d turn my attention to our friends in America.

You see, it’s been bothering me a bit lately that an American President assumes the right to go flying around Africa lecturing their leaders on what is and isn’t acceptable. He tells them that if they want to get on the world they have to start seeing their affairs through American eyes and doing things the American way. So does that include allowing citizens to walk around the streets with loaded guns in their pockets, while threatening to prosecute people who have bare patches in their front lawns, as happened to an American acquaintance of mine? (Actually, it wasn’t she who was so threatened, it was a neighbour of hers. My acquaintance was threatened with prosecution for having a back fence that wasn’t quite straight. Apologies.)

And then there’s the Chinese. I gather that if you disagree with the official line in China you end up dying mysteriously in police custody. And if you join the ranks of those petitioning to have the body released to the family, the police come along and beat you to a pulp. Odd.

So what about Austria? A friend of Mel’s who lives there told her that Austrian society is becoming so frighteningly over-regulated that it’s difficult to breathe. Also odd.

I could go on, couldn’t I? I could turn my gaze to certain states where any divergence from the letter of religious dogma (as interpreted by the dominant sect) gets you stoned to death while the police turn a blind eye.

I could, so is it any wonder that I really don’t want to be of this world until the human animal at least makes some attempt to grow up?

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