Thursday, 16 July 2015

Respect to Ms Medeea.

Ever since the days of Mrs Thatcher, successive British governments have been gradually eroding the quality of the NHS, and one of the means by which the present administration is continuing the trend is to place strict limits on the time a doctor or dentist can spend with each patient. This is based on the entirely rational notion that it’s better to treat ten people inadequately than treat five people properly, since you can then produce specious statistics which show what a fabulous job the NHS is doing under the capable stewardship of the government and people will think you’re wonderful. (And the really sad fact is that plenty of people out there actually take government statistics seriously. Amazing, I know, but true. And it serves to demonstrate that the ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes is a sure sign of good government.)

But to the point of the post…

Primary health care professionals in the NHS are under great pressure these days to get patients in and out of the door as quickly as possible, so what does it say about your dentist when she stops in the middle of a scale and polish and asks ‘Are you still comfortable, or would you like to take a break?’

I think it says a lot.

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