Friday, 24 July 2015

Too Big for the Blog.

Here’s an example of how the blog format is limited:

For days now I’ve been minded to make a post around the subject of ‘punishment.’ It was going to begin with an obvious truism:

Punishment hardly ever turns a bad person into a good one. The most it usually achieves is to make a bad person a little more careful when doing bad things.

And at some stage it was going to include the opinion that the Christian notion of hellfire and damnation is completely at odds with what Christians generally profess to be the nature of God. (That’s because I’ve long held that Christians are hopelessly confused with regard to the nature of God, probably due to the decision to include the Old Testament in the Christian Bible in order to give the new religion more validity as a Judaic heterodox.)

But then the details began to unfold, and – oh my giddy aunt – doesn’t it get complicated? Doesn’t it just? Like so many things it’s far too big a subject for a blog post, so read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment instead. (I did. I even finished it.)

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