Thursday, 9 July 2015

Capricious Climate.

A week ago the news bulletin said that it had been the hottest day ever recorded in Britain.

Today I searched the Sainsbury's beer shelves, comparing the discounted ones. I settled for London Porter. It was a reluctant choice because porter is a dark, bitter beer best suited to winter nights; India Pale Ale is more suited to July, but porter was the best on special offer.

Guess what. Tonight it was so cold outside that wearing a winter coat wouldn't have been inappropriate - seriously - so the choice of beer was about right after all.

*  *  *

And I wonder why anybody bothers to read such inconsequential drivel as this. Where have all the ditties gone? Gone to young girls, every one.

Actually, that's only partly true. And anyway, where have all the young girls gone? Gone to warmer climes, one way or another.

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