Thursday, 2 July 2015

Not a Fan of Festivals.

For the past several days the news in Britain has contained a feature on the Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury is Britain's biggest and most prestigious rock music event, and to prove it they had Kanye West there this year (whoever he is.)

So, am I the only person in this fair land who is left as cold as a cod fish swimming north through the Bering Strait in January by rock festivals? It's just that music for me is a matter of enhancing a personal sense of reality or creating a new one. Hence, it's an essentially solitary pursuit (although the occasional rare special companion might be permitted.)

I was never one for joining in with communal obeisance, especially where music is concerned, and more especially where rock music is concerned. It's too full of ego-ridden, self-proclaimed gods and goddesses, and they just dilute the magic of music.

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