Wednesday, 29 July 2015


So please, could we just forget about economics, patriotism, religion, the pursuit of power, ideological control mechanisms and superficial lifestyle concerns. You know, the sort of things which are supposed to get our juices flowing. Couldn’t we instead concentrate on tolerance, respect, kindness and the perception of beauty?

In furtherance of this notion, and out of sheer curiosity, I Googled ‘images of beautiful women.’ I didn’t get any. What I got was:

1. Pictures of glamorous women.

2. Pictures of undressed glamorous women.

3. Pictures of undressed ordinary women.

4. Pictures of men in frocks wearing lots of lipstick.

That wasn’t quite what I meant, Google…

I must try to shrug off this obsessive drive to get to the nub of what matters. Silliness suits me better. Tomorrow, maybe.

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