Thursday, 16 July 2015

Getting Noticed.

There were two women ahead of me in the queue for Sainsbury’s kiosk today. They both had jet black hair, but one was clearly dyed while the other was just as clearly natural. (Dyed hair never looks natural. Dying kills hair – which is probably the best pun I ever made – or at least it kills the texture.) Sure enough, when I got to see their faces it transpired that Ms Dyed was European, while Ms Natural was Chinese.

But there’s more. Later, I saw the Chinese woman with a much younger and taller woman, and it was apparent from their body language that they were mother and daughter. But the daughter had natural brown hair, so the conclusion was immediately drawn that she was mixed race. Being ever curious, I searched her eyes for signs of the Cathay connection, and it was there all right.

And then they both stared back at me so I whistled and walked away.

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