Thursday, 2 July 2015

English Women: A Time to Cheat.

Since I managed to concoct a short reply to my American correspondent on the subject of English women, I thought it might as well go public. They all add to the statistics. (And I saw Coco today. She said 'hello.' Come to think of it, I also saw Sophie in the library. She said 'thank you.' She always does. Such a sweet spirit.)

English women vary widely. The 'English rose' still exists, but is becoming ever more rare. And you have to remember that traces of the traditional English class system still remain. Upper class women are generally very 'correct,' but also resourceful and resilient. Middle class women tend to favour designer clothes, designer furniture, designer children, and secret overindulgence in alcohol. Lower class women decline to accept that alcohol has limits, and can be as tough as you'll find anywhere. That's especially true of Newcastle on Tyne in the north east, where young women are famous for going clubbing on the coldest winter nights, roaming the streets in a drunken stupor, fighting whatever needs fighting, and wearing a maximum of three square inches of fabric. Coats aren't allowed in Newcastle. I'm generalising, but generally right.

Now all I have to do is find a missile screen that can handle incoming bananas.

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