Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being America's Enemy and a Tough Decision.

Remember the woman on YouTube who told me that Jesus is the Christ, that the canonical Gospels are the most accurate of all sources of history, and that if I don’t accept this fact before I die I’m in trouble? You might also remember that I withdrew from the fray because fighting over unknowables is pretty pointless. Well, she had to have the last word, and what a chilling word it was:

‘You’re arrogant and amoral, and it’s people like you who are spoiling America.’

So what fate now awaits me even before I die? If you can get prosecuted in America for spoiling the neighbourhood by having a bare patch in your front lawn, what the hell happens to you if you spoil the whole of America? Was that black Chevy with the tinted windows, which was parked up just where I walk every week, pure coincidence? Should I start sleeping with the light on? Should I dig a priest hole under the living room floor? Could I live with the irony if I did?

Let’s change the subject…

Imagine you’re completely down and out and living as a beggar on the street, and further imagine that a little girl approaches and offers you the pound she’d been given to buy an ice cream. What the hell would you do? Take the money and deprive a little girl of her ice cream? Refuse it and deny her the grace of a charitable act? Would you be able to live with yourself ever again if you did either?


Madeline said...

I would love to have more people like you to come over and "spoil" America. Much preferable to having people like Donald Trump "fix" it.

JJ Beazley said...

Why thank you, ma'am. Undeserved praise from someone I respect so much.

And I apologise for not commenting on your probate posts. As interesting as I found them - and I did - I've been a bit down and lacking mental energy for the past week or so. (Hence no posts, and thanks for hanging in.)

Still, on re-reading this one I got the answer to the beggar and the little girl conundrum. I think I'll make a new post of it so as to get at least one notch in the August column.