Friday, 10 July 2015

Downs and Ups.

The problem with computer support forums is that the replies I get to my questions are rarely written in any version of English with which I'm familiar. I just had one:

'Has the sensitivity of your trackpad changed?' asked the acknowledged expert.

How the hell would I know?

(Edited to add: Time and life move on, and I now have two people telling me I might have inadvertently turned on caret browsing. Fancy that. I'm coming to think that the only way to survive on this planet is to marry a priestess who also happens to be a computer technician, so she can take care of the Black Oracle under the desk while I concentrate on trying to be human.)

*  *  *

Still, I also received a reply from somebody who got the joke I posted on a YouTube video a few decades ago.

'Funny. Ha. lol' she wrote.

That's what I like. Simple English and lots of options, just in case I'm slow on the uptake.

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