Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Note from the Trenches.

I put another provocative post on YouTube last night, about a Joni Mitchell track this time. Well, popular singers don’t come much more iconic than Joni Mitchell, so I’ve been anticipating an incoming yellow artillery barrage all day. Nothing so far.

By way of relieving the boredom, I considered writing to Ms Jesus-is-Christ-and-the-Bible-is-the-Most-Reliable-of-All-Historical-Records-You-Ignoramus again, this time inviting her to a game of football in No Man’s Land on Christmas Day. I even considered calling it Xmas Day (which is something I would never do since I consider the term ‘Xmas’ to be both ugly and impolite.) However…

I got cold feet and cried off because I was suddenly beset by the suspicion that imps don’t go to heaven. But if I go off the radar for a while, look for the pile of bananas and dig me out.

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