Saturday, 4 July 2015

Note for 4th July.

There was a major news item in Britain recently about three sisters who decamped from Britain and went to join IS in Syria, taking their children with them. One of the women has since been in touch with her family here to explain that they simply didn’t want to live in Britain any longer. She said it was becoming ‘too like America.’ She has a point, although whether that’s a reason to become disenchanted with it is a matter of opinion.

So, let me just say ‘Happy 4th July’ to those splendid Americans whose acquaintance I am grateful to have made. Let me also say to all Americans that you did well to kick us out the way you did. Congratulations. But let me also say that we now seem to be following in your wake (mostly courtesy of Mrs Thatcher) and some of us wish we weren’t.

This isn’t an unfriendly post, just a frank and balanced one.

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