Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Pope and His Present.

It seems we now know who the Antichrist is. It's President Morales of Bolivia. He's given the Pope a present, you see. It's an ornament which combines a hammer and sickle with the crucifix, and this is sending shock waves through the many bathrooms in the Vatican.

'How dare he combine a symbol of Communism with an image of our beloved Christ?! Verily we say unto you: Armageddon approacheth.'

Why?  Let's state two simple facts:

1. There is nothing in the core principle of Communism that is anti-Christian.

2. If the teachings of Jesus as recounted in the canonical Gospels are accurate, then Big J was most certainly no capitalist.

So what's the problem? Maybe it's the fact that Mr Morales has said he hopes it will promote dialogue rather than preaching. Dialogue? He's obviously never watched Father Ted.

And I'm saving the more detailed argument in case some emigre from the unhallowed ranks of YouTube commenters, or maybe a latter day Torquemada, wants to invade my comment form and call me a douchebag (whatever one of those is.) Or worse.

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