Friday, 3 July 2015

Power Plays.

Powering Down

I see certain big names in the world of corporate America, being ever mindful of their public image, are distancing themselves from Donald Trump over things he’s been saying.

Why on earth did it take them so long?

Powering Up

1. A company in China has told its female employees that they must apply for permission to get pregnant so they can go onto a family planning roster.

This is too transparently laughable to be graced with a comment.

2. A school head in England has warned parents that if they take family holidays in term time they will not only be fined the statutory £60, but their children will also be expelled from the school.

When I was at school we took all our holidays during term time. I caught up. Kids do. Life is bigger than the education system. And some people become frighteningly tunnel-visioned when given a little power.

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