Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Importance of Place.

I’ve been trawling the BBC News pages tonight, trying to find something worth talking about. There wasn’t anything, but this maybe came closest:

A major survey has been carried out which sought to establish, among other things, which areas of the UK have the happiest people. The ‘well-being quotient’ was based on four factors:

Life satisfaction
Feeling that life is worthwhile

Guess what: the unhappiest place in the UK is an area of the county in which I currently live. The second unhappiest place is in the neighbouring county where I was born and grew up.


There are lots of happy people in the Orkney Isles.

Interestingly, the happiest place of all is the south west corner of Northern Ireland where it borders the Republic. The following clip from the old classic comedy Oh Mr Porter might explain why, since it's set in that very part of the world. The station staff are English, but the postman is a local.

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