Monday, 7 September 2015


I had an altercation with a policeman today. It was a bit silly really, but I can’t seem to help reacting when somebody is trying to push me around. And it seems to be worse when that somebody is a policeman. It’s that old Establishment versus the People thing; Normans and Saxons, you know? OK, it was nearly a thousand years ago, but we haven’t forgotten.

(I wonder if you can be arrested for verbally abusing a policeman. I wasn’t.)

And then there was the letter I found in my mailbox when I got back. It raised an old ghost come back to taunt and prod and make one fretful. And how are you supposed to make a decision between two options when they both carry risks of most unwelcome consequence and you wouldn’t know how to read a crystal ball even if you had one? Follow your instinct and try to get your Will witnessed as soon as possible, I suppose.

I reckon my food intake has been around 80% fat today, which isn’t good, but at least some of it was served by a delightful young Pakistani woman. That’s one of the very few things I like about cities – the cosmopolitan human landscape. All those colours and cultures mingling in peace. Where I live it’s all tedious monochrome and conservative Albion.

But I did get my dog fix – a Schnauzer this time. She had character (and a very fine beard.)

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