Tuesday, 1 September 2015

On Weather and Weightier Matters.

In the absence of having anything else to write about, let’s have a run down on what I’ve been doing today.

1. Talked to my neighbouring farmer about the weather. Petted his dog while so doing.

2. Talked to my landlord’s wife about the weather. Petted her dogs while so doing.

3. Read up on this summers’ weather records at the Met Office website. Wondered why I’d bothered.

4. Ate lots of blackberries which are now ripening nicely in the hedgerows. Felt slightly queasy for a while but it soon passed.

5. Encountered my landlord’s wife again. She said she hoped she might get home before the rain started. And the dogs looked like they, too, wanted to get home because they’d walked enough for one day, so no petting this time.

6. Researched the making of elderberry wine and decided against bothering.

7. Tried to find a picture of somebody on Google Images and LinkedIn. Failed. Refused LinkedIn’s offer to join them because I don’t join things.

8. Sorted out some confusion over an appointment at the local hospital. (A very minor matter and not worth talking about – just in case anybody feels inclined to be concerned…)

9. Edited Mel’s CV and tidied up the formatting. Surprised myself by being remarkably diligent (not to mention pretty smart.) Was even more surprised by how long it took.

10. Dug a potato plant that had somehow seeded itself in the greenhouse. Washed potatoes and had some for dinner (with other things.)

11. Did the minimum necessary to keep the house from looking like a bachelor pad.

12. Considered at some length who I am (not for the first time.) Came to the startling conclusion that I’m much more honest in the matter of self-appraisal than I used to be, and the more I discover the less I like myself. Decided it shouldn’t be a problem since who needs to know? Considered making a blog post on whether women are generally more honest in the matter of self-appraisal than men, and if so, why. Concluded that it’s a vague and complex question and not worth writing about (since who needs to know?)

Not much, is it? That’s because I’m not a natural worker. My incarnation as an ant was, I assume, a very long time ago. I have to persuade or force myself to work unless it’s something I enjoy doing, and there aren’t many things I enjoy doing, and the few things that qualify I probably wouldn’t call work anyway.

Shower, supper and music to follow. Tomorrow might be different.


Bree T Donovan said...

I'm concerned. I think of you from time to time and always send out a red bird of positive energy. Hope all is well, across the ocean.

JJ Beazley said...

Thanks for the concern, Bree, but no need. Much what seems dark and negative is just observation, often ironic. Hope you're well, too.