Saturday, 5 September 2015

Crossing the Age Divide.

This is Ms M’s choice for Thursday night music, and by an odd coincidence I first heard it on a Thursday night. It really was a coincidence. I’ve generally found that coincidences work far better than things I gain by intent.

Also coincidentally, I think the music’s dead good. If I’d been born twenty years later, I would have said it was dead bad (which means the same thing.) If I’d been born in the 21st century, I expect I’d be speaking Yacs and this blog would be an acquired taste.


Madeline said...

Glad you like it. What is Yacs? (Betraying my own age here apparently.)

JJ Beazley said...

Aha! So you didn't read my post 'Needing Lessons in Yacs' which is here: Shame on you.(And anyway, you were born before the 21st century so you'd be unlikely to speak it. I have the impression that Yacs is an adolescent thing.)

I'm guessing you're back at uni now. Time flies.